Part 2 – What Next?

Once you know exactly why you want to change job you will then need to turn your thoughts to what you want your next job to be. Again all this comes down to what you personally want so the questions that you need to consider are as follows:

  • what type of job do you want?
  • do you want a full time or a part time job?
  • what type of employer do you want to work with (practice v in house)? If in house, what type of sectors appeal to you most and equally which do not and why?
  • where does this job need to be located?
  • would you be happy to consider a job that has a travel requirement? If so, how regularly would you be willing to travel?
  • what remuneration package would you require?
  • when would you be available to commence a new job? (i.e. applicable notice periods need to be taken into account)

Your answers to the above points will be a useful guide to initially identifying which job openings may be the right one for you. Although many prospective employer’s job specifications may not be detailed enough to allow you to make a final informed judgement call about a job at the outset of a recruitment process, you will at least know what extra information you need to obtain at an interview stage to help you to make your decision in this regard.



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