Part 3 – Job Suitability?

In order to cross this bridge you firstly need to review the requirements sought in a particular job specification and then try to align those requirements with your own strengths, weaknesses and general skill sets. Therefore you should consider the following:

  • what appeals to you about this particular position (compare to your current/previous roles)
  • what can you do that is the same as the requirements outlined;
  • if there are certain elements of the job specification that you haven’t done before, ascertain what you have done that is similar to or comes close to those particular requirements sought, and
  • what additional useful skills do you feel you could bring to this prospective employer’s business that someone else may not have (something that is not expressly requested in the job specification but could set you apart from the competition).

The primary source for all of this information is quite simply the most up to date version of your CV.



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