Part 4 – CV Maintenance

The importance of ongoing CV maintenance as your career progresses cannot be emphasised enough. Many job seekers are guilty of not doing this because understandably it can be the last thing that you think of doing when you’re not actively looking for a job and you have a lengthy career history with your current employer. If you don’t intend sending your CV anywhere why bother keeping it updated! The reality though is that although you may have the same job title for a number of years most roles evolve in certain aspects over time particularly in terms of increased responsibility and people management skills. Therefore, it is wise to update your CV from time to time so you don’t omit any key responsibilities that you have had. In addition, by keeping your CV updated it will be a less time consuming exercise when you do actually want to apply for jobs and need to review and tailor your CV relatively quickly to meet potentially tight CV submission deadlines.

Another important piece of advice to remember is that you need to tailor your CV for each and every job that you intend applying for. Rarely are two job requirements identical even if the job titles themselves are the same. As a result it is relatively easy for a prospective employer to identify applicants who are submitting a generic CV for consideration which is not specific to the position being applied for and is likely to be submitted for multiple positions elsewhere. If you do not take the time to understand what a particular employer is looking for and adapt your CV appropriately to highlight your suitability, then how can you expect a prospective employer to take your application seriously and select you for interview. Cutting corners at the start like this will only create a negative impression of both your abilities and also your attitude towards your work.



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